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Fat burning smoothies, diet drink recipes, soup recipes and weight loss drinks for all occasions and tastes. Enjoy losing weight and feeling great!  


Fat burning foods can help your body in losing unwanted fat. When you consume these fat burning foods, your body uses more calories to digest them than the foods themselves contain. Called the thermogenic diet, certain fat burning foods also help to pump up your metabolism enabling you to lose weight faster and more efficiently. 

Fat burning drinks are an easy way to get more of these foods into your daily routine. Use a Bullet or a blender and enjoy the unlimited flavors and combinations, while helping your body to slim down.          


CAP Fat Burning Tea

-1 cup cranberries
-2 cups pure apple juice
-1 cup pear juice
-pinch cinnamon
-3 cloves

Simmer for approx. 30 minutes and serve hot or over ice. 
Garnish with cinnamon sticks instead of adding it to the mix.